Quantum Psionic Session

What does happen in a  Quantum Psionic Session?

The work is done in a high frequency energy through the (high energy centers) (Higher Self) and the heart chakra (Divine Love),assisting the alignment of all levels and dimensions of being.

According to the quantum physics we live in a field of possibilities, so there is no limit of what can be worked on a Quantum Psionic session, if it is in accordance to the client’s Divine Plan.

The aim of a Quantum Psionic healing session is to assist the client to access more and more of their Inner Light, eliminating obstacles and limitations that might be preventing them to live their lives more fully by placing their lives in Divine Order, according to their Divine Plain. During the session the client plays an important role as co-creator.


Anything can be worked on a session of Quantum Psionic Table, below are just a few of them:

  • blockages (conscious or unconscious – from present or past)
  • assists the client to access more and more their inner Light
  • new thoughts aligned with health, peace, harmony, spirituality
  • Expansion of the heart center
  • balancing of energy centers
  • spiritual development
  • clearing (emotional ties,l, curses, implants,  magic,entities, chips, astral parasites,etc)
  • ancestors healing
  • lack of direction in life
  • measurement frequencies of: mind frequency, emotional frequency, vital frequency, chakras frequency, aura contamination, and more..

How much is a session fee? – $70

Contact me for information or  to make a booking for a Quantum Psionic Healing Session.

Lia Mills is a certified Quantum Psionic Practitioner/Teacher and learned this innovative healing therapy with Regia Prado, the creator of The Quantum Psionic Table.  You Don’t live in Melbourne? You can have a session through skype if you like. Please contact me to organize a skype consultation. Would like to become a qualified Quantum Psionic Practitioner or/and to work the Quantum Psionic Board for yourself? Contact me or visit Quantum Psionic Workshop.