Quantum Psionic Level 2 Workshop

Quantum Psionic is an instrument of connection with super consciousness (Higher Self) assisting us to be the co-creators of our Reality. Quantum Psionic is an innovative holistic therapy based on the principles of Psionics, dowsing, Sacred Geometry and Metaphysics. Quantum Psionic is a printed board with various sacred geometrydesigns.

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Quantum Psionic Training will give you the aptitude to be a Certified Quantum Psionic Table Practitioner. Workshops are held in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.

Some benefits for practitioners of Quantum Psionic are:

  • Raise the level of the individual consciousness by the alignment with high spiritual frequencies
  • Contribute to the quantum leap for the evolution of the humanity’s consciousness.

Who should take this course?

  • Holistic Therapists,  Natural Health Professionals that would like to add another modality to their practice
  • Anyone  interested in spirituality and metaphysics that would like to give a quantum leap in their lives

The Student will receive:

  • Quantum Psionic Board
  • Operational Manual & reference manuals
  • Practitioner Certificate
  • Constant support, free classes review

What does the student need to bring?

  • 1 Pendulum
  • Notebook
  • Open mind

You Will Learn:

  • Principles of dowsing, psionics and radionics
  • Elements of the Quantum Psionic Table
  • Working on the frequency of love or above love
  • How to program and work with a pendulum
  • Generate and send quantum  frequencies to different dimensions
  • Connection with Higher Self
  • Develop with intuition
  • Alignment with Divine consciousness
  • Cleansing of negative energies, entities, implants, etc
  • Ancestor healing
  • How to work with the tools:
    • Merkaba
    • Flower essences
    • Sacred Divine Rays
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Quantum Leap (Past & Future)
    • Divine Consciousness Aligment
    • Sacred Three Fold Flame
    • Chromatic Matrix
    • Archangel Michael (spiritual cleansing, clearing entities, implants,etc)
    • Code 21
    • Dodecahedron
    • Solar Disk
  • Tips to anchor your your own tools (Reiki, NLP, Taro, Crystals, Herbs, etc,)
  • Portals: Gaia Portal, Spiritual Portal, Cosmic Portal, Time Portal
  • How to measure different types of frequencies (people, situations, chakras, aura, etc)
  • How to facilitate a quantum psionic healing session

Where you can learn Quantum Psionic?

Quantum Psionic Table workshop is held in 2 days, from 10 am to 4 pm, in Sandringhan, Victoria, Australia.

If would you like further information and workshops contact me.

Lia Mills is fully certified Teacher by Regia Prado, www.regiaprado.com the Creator
and developer of Quantum Psionic.