Quantum Psionic Level 1 Workshop

What is quantum Psionic Board?

Quantum Psionic board is a printed board with various symbols that can be selected and activated with the use of a pendulum. As everything that exists in the Universe is recorded in the unconscious mind of the Humanity, working with a Quantum Psionic board gives to the practitioner knowledge that allows him/her to use this information, and directing it during a session by sending quantum frequencies to the energetic field of the client assisting her/him in the cleansing and alignment of the situation that has being working on the session according to the client’s Divine Plan and to the Divine Plan of all people involved. Quantum Psionic is based in metaphysics, sacred geometry, dowsing, radionics, Psionic and holistic therapies.

During a session with yourself or with a client (present or distant session) there is NO connection with any spirit as the connection is through the Higher Self (superconscious mind) of the Practitioner and the Higher Self of the client where all information can be collected through their energetic field.

The interaction of the Higher Self of the practitioner and the higher self of the client  is what makes this energy modality differs from some  modalities because the client has an important role as co-creator of her/his own wellbeing.

Workshops in Quantum Psionic Pink Board Level 1

Quantum Psionic Workshop Level I is for beginners in the field of Quantum psionic. It is also for practitioners in the holistic field that are seeking a new line of work in the form of energy evaluation and energy balance or for someone who wants to increase their knowledge in energy therapy. This workshop empowers the practitioner by awakening their potential as co-creators and moving the level of individual consciousness and assisting a quantum leap in the humanity consciousness.

Course Outline

*Basic Dowsing and radionics.
* How to program a pendulum
* How to work with a pendulum in the board
* Learn how to send innumerous quantum
* learn how to work in the board for yourself and for others
*  Learn how to send healing quantum frequencies
* How to anchor on the board Your own tools (Reiki, Tarot, etc )
* Evaluation and Certification

The student will receive:

  • Manual
  • Printed board
  • Constant support

Lia Mills is certified and registered Quantum Psionic Table teacher/practitioner and authorized by  Regia Prado to qualify Quantum Psion Practitioners in Australia.

Contact me for information and workshops dates.