Quantum Psionic 

Level 1 Practitioner Workshop


 Quantum Psionic Pink Board

Quantum Psionic  Level I (Pink) workshop is for beginners in the field of psionic, vibrational therapies and for natural  therapists and health professionals who are seeking a new line of working  in the form of evaluation and Energy Alignment  or for anyone who wants to increase their  knowledge in vibrational  healing.

It is a modality that allows the practitioner to evaluate and balancing energy.
Prepare the operator to generate and send frequencies. Introducing quantum concepts and to Work in any situation where an energy intervention is required.

Main goal: Develop pattern recognition and identification of feelings and limiting constraints, introducing quantum concepts, Wake the potential co creators Moving the level of individual consciousness and contribute to the quantum leap of the consciousness of humanity. Grow by love and not pain.

Course Outline

*Basic Dowsing and radionics.
* How to program a pendulum
* How to work with a pendulum in the QPT
* The quantum field and parallel realities.
* Divine Joy, belief structure, materialization and dematerialization, quantum time leap,  spirituality, protection, divine virtues, symbolism, sacred geometry, decrees, levels of consciousness
* Ancestral Healing
*  Learn how to send healing quantum frequencies
* How to anchor on the board new tools (Reiki, Tarot, etc
* Evaluation and Certification

The student will receive:

  • Manual
  • Printed board
  • Constant support

Lia Mills is certified and registered Quantum Psionic Table teacher/practitioner by the Creator and developer Regia Prado.

CALL 0409847065 for information and workshops date.