Reiki Testimonials

Reiki One

" I enjoyed very much. I would recommend it to everyone which is interest in learning Reiki." (Kathy B, Noble Park).

"Thanks very much for training me in Reiki One . Your hospitality and warmness was just fantastic and it made it really easy to learn such a relaxed and inviting environment. The course layout and content was very easy to follow and I felt very privileged to receive my attunements from a Reiki Master such yourself. Warmest regards." (Chris, Murrumbeena).

"I am very happy with all provided during the course. Very well prepared and clear. It has been such a learning experience, full of magic and light. I am blessed to have known all people who participated in this workshop today and looking forward to Reiki II.Love." (Daniela, Blackburn).

"I found my whole experience to be enlightening and it also gave me such a beautiful sense of wellbeing and connectedness to my teachers and fellows pupils." (Vera P.).

"Fantastic experience with my attunement and I realized that I need to be compassionate with others and the need to improve my health to become a clear channel." (Debbie, Altona)

"I would recommend this course for people who are interested in spiritual development as a lifestyle. They will in turn be able to give the benefit of Reiki to those needing it." (Sylvia Murrumbeena)

Reiki Two

" I completely enjoyed this experience and I am so glad that I found you" I would recommend to anyone seeking a caring, positive spiritual enlightenment experience." (Jodie T, Altona, Melbourne)

"This has been a wonderful experience, which gave me many tools to improve my life and to help others. Very empowering and magical. (Daniela, Blackburn).

"In addition to receiving Reiki II attunement I have received the warmest hospitality from you and feel extremely relaxed. Thank you!" (Kate C., Seabrook, Melbourne).

"I enjoyed the course, the Reiki Master was very professional & informative. There was a good mix of theory and practical work. The topics were delivered in a logical order."( Claudia B. Oakleigh)