Naturopahy Testimonials 

What Lia Mills' clients are saying about Naturopathy:  

"Lia, my health is 100% better than before. Feeling a lot better since coming here. All the different therapies: Naturopathy, Iridology, Reiki, Reflexology, etc have helped me with various aspects of my life. Thank you very much." (Susan M. from Murrumbeena, Victoria).

"My health has improved since I started with your naturopathic treatment. I thought I had some serious urinary problems. when I went to see you and started changing my diet, my lifestyle and taking the supplements recommended by you the symptoms disappeared and now I am feeling with more energy and vitality . I am a new person." Thank you very much. (Marcia A. East Malvern).

"My health was very poor. My period was irregular, heavy with lots of clots. My skin was really bad. I used to take lots of antibiotics to help with my skin problems. But it seemed that did not help much. In addition, I was constipated not going to the toilet every day. Then I went to see you. I started to change my diet, taking herbal medicine and the supplements that you recommended and my health started to improve. My periods get back to normal, my skin improved and my digestion is now much better. Thank you Lia for your help." (Rafaella B. Elwood.)

"I've never had been to a Naturopath before I saw you. I was a little bit skeptical about it. I had so many health issues that I couldn't realize that you would be able to help me. well, I said to myself that's ok I will try. For me was a great surprise as I started to see my health getting better. I stopped taking antidepressants, my panic attacks decreased, my focus and concentration now is much better. Look my weight I have lost weight since I stopped taking antidepressants. My anxiety decreased and my digestion is much better now. Thanks Lia for your professional help. I understand now that is not a pill or a few pills that will make us healthier but is a combination of factors such as diet,  supplements,lifestyle, relaxation, ect. I would recommend you for everyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. Of course this does not happen in one or two days but if you persist with the treatment following Lia's advice you will see enormous difference in your overall health." (Harmony L, Richmond)

"When I came to see you I was having panic attacks, hot flushes, not sleeping well, my heart was always pounding heavily, feeling tired, with no energy. People were saying "this is just menopause". Then, I came to you to help me. Now I don't have panic attacks anymore, my hot flushes diminished, my energy improved. Thanks Lia". (F. Carnegie).

"I am feeling a lot better than before. My digestion and overall health has improved. I have had re-found my energy level and I have been more educated in the way that my body reacts to the things that I put into it. It has been difficult but the result speaks for themself." ( Grant D. St Kilda)