Quantum Psionic Level II Workshop

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Quantum Psionic is an instrument of connection with super consciousness (Higher Self) assisting us to be the co-creators of our Reality.

Quantum Psionic is an innovative holistic therapy based on the principles of Psionics, dowsing, Sacred Geometry and Metaphysics. 
Quantum Psionic is a printed board with various sacred geometrydesigns.
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Quantum Psionic  Training will give you the aptitude to be a Certified Quantum Psionic Table Practitioner. Workshops are held in Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.

Some benefits for practitioners of Quantum Psionic are:

* Raise the level of the individual consciousness by the alignment with high spiritual frequencies
*Contribute to the quantum leap for the evolution of the humanity's consciousness.

Who should take this course?

  • Holistic Therapists,  Natural Health Professionals that would like to add another modality to their practice
  • Anyone  interested in spirituality and metaphysics that would like to give a quantum leap in their lives
quantum psionic workshop

Quantum Psionic Workshop

The Student will receive:

* Quantum Psionic Board
* Operational Manual & reference manuals
* Practitioner Certificate 
* Constant support, free classes review

What does the student need to bring? 

  * 1 Pendulum 
  *  Notebook
  * Open mind 

* Principles of dowsing, psionics and radionics
* elements of the Quantum Psionic Table
* working on the frequency of love or above love
* How to program and work with a pendulum
* Generate and send quantum  frequencies to different dimensions 
* Connection with Higher Self
 * Develop with intuition
* Alignment with Divine consciousness
* cleansing of negative energies, entities, implants, etc
* ancestor healing
* How to work with the tools:
    Flower essences
    Sacred Divine Rays
    Sacred Geometry
    Quantum Leap (Past & Future)
    Divine Consciousness Aligment
    Sacred Three Fold Flame
    Chromatic Matrix
    Archangel Michael (spiritual cleansing, clearing entities, implants,etc)

    Code 21

    Solar Disk  

* Tips to anchor your your own tools (Reiki, NLP, Taro, Crystals, Herbs, etc,)
* Portals: Gaia Portal, Spiritual Portal, Cosmic Portal, Time Portal
* how to measure different types of frequencies (people, situations, chakras, aura, etc)
* How to facilitate a quantum psionic healing session

Where you can learn Quantum Psionic?

Quantum Psionic Table workshop is held in 2 days, from 10 am to 4 pm, in Sandringhan, Victoria, Australia.

If would you like further information and workshops dates call 0409847065 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lia Mills is fully certified Teacher by Regia Prado, www.regiaprado.com the Creator
and developer of Quantum Psionic.