Natural Fertility Management

Lia Mills, Senior Naturopath works with the Fertility Goddess Dr Antonia Ruhl, Phd to assist women with fertility issues.
Are you having difficulty getting pregnant, have you tried for so long? You are not the only one. Research has found the rate of impaired fertility have increased significantly in all age groups. Preconception care may increase your chances to get pregnant and have a beautiful baby.

The Importance of Conception Care

All ancient cultures, such as Brazilian aborigines, Greeks, and others ancient cultures used to prepare women and men with special diets and herbal preparations before they conceived.

Current scientific research has demonstrated that maternal health during preconception and pregnancy affect the health of the mother and of the baby. Be aware that the health of the male is also vital as the sperm plays an important part for successful pregnancies and diet and lifestyle factors affect adversely sperm quality.

Healthy bodies make healthy babies!  Our preconception management enables us to pinpoint areas in your health and lifestyle that may be affecting your fertility status and therefore the health of your future child. Preconception care involves learning and understanding the natural signs of fertility and preparing your body to sustain a new life within.

During the 1st consultation your reproductive health will be assessed to identify obstacles to conception and pregnancy, including hormone imbalances, nutritional status, lifestyle and environmental toxins. Other conditions related to poor fertility will also be assessed. Based on this analysis you will be presented with natural solutions and treatments aimed at helping you achieve your goal of having a healthy baby.

Incorporating naturopathy, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and lifestyle changes can greatly increase your chances of both prospective parents to conceive and maintain your pregnancy.

Nutritional supplementation, diet for fertility, healthy lifestyle, and stress management.

The reason for all these is because we want to improve your health to help you manage your own health and the health of your baby, which will be a great benefit for your family.

The goal of our preconception care is to promote fertility in both prospective parents by increasing the health of the eggs and sperm. We may use all the following components or a few of them, as it will be tailored to each individual needs:

  • Herbal Medicine (Amazon Fertility Herbs)
  • Supplementation (Vitamins & Minerals)
  • Healthy diet to increase fertility
  • Decrease toxicity if necessary
  • weight management (overweight or underweight)
  • Improve of both prospect parents overall health and the health of their reproductive system
  • Stress management (Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation, Energy Balancing,Core Believing Reprogramming)

Scientific studies have showed that several cases of infertility, poor fetus formation and miscarriage are preventable and treatable with a good preconception care. The growing baby needs a lots of nutrients and vitamins to complete growth and total development.

IVF or other assisted conception support

At Natural Stress Therapy Clinic we support IVF and other assisted conception treatment. There several couples that opt for assisted conception to achieve their goal of having a baby. Natural medicine, as Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition can support this process and improve the chance of getting pregnant.

We support IVF and other fertility treatments by:

  • Improve general health and cellular vitality
  • Balancing hormones and promoting normal hormone function
  • Improve the health of the reproductive tract
  • Enhance egg and sperm quality

Fertility Consultation:

1 1/2 hours - $ 220
Follow up $   $120

 Be aware, most hormonal issues respond positively to a combination of Herbal Medicine, dietary change, lifestyle,  and proper nutritional supplementation.